Acer beTouch E100 hard reset: Push the Silent button up (the off position). Press and hold the Camera button, then press...

Resetting your Acer E100 smartphone

You may have to perform a reset if your smartphone fails to respond when buttons are pressed or the screen is tapped.
Note: Before performing a reset, ensure that your smartphone is not locked. Press any key or tap the screen to see if the phone responds.

Reset Acer E100

Resetting will restart and clear the RAM of your smartphone. It is similar to turning a computer off and then turning it back on.
Important: To reduce risking damage to your smartphone, only use the supplied stylus to reset the device.
Use the tip of your stylus to lightly press the Reset button inside the hole on the side of your smartphone.

Acer E100 Clean boot

Warning! You should only perform a clean boot when all other reset options have failed to restore your smartphone to an operational state.
A clean boot will restore your smartphone to the state it was when you got it from the factory.


Warning! This will erase all your personal information, any contacts stored on your phone and any programs you installed.

If your screen responds to stylus input: Go to Start > Utilities > Default Settings. Read the warning information and enter the security code in the empty textbox. Tap OK to proceed.


Acer E100 hard reset with keys

If your screen is not responding to stylus input:

1. Push the Silent button up (the off position).
2. Press and hold the Camera button, then press and release the reset button.
3. Keep the Camera button pressed until you see the ‘Clean Boot’ screen.
4. Press the Home button to continue.