Be careful with sharp edge

Performing a hard reset

A hard reset will erase all records and entries stored in your Acer C500. Never perform a hard reset unless a soft reset does not correct your problem. When you perform your next ActiveSync operation, you can restore any data that you previously synchronized to your computer.

To perform a hard reset:

1 Press and hold the Today and Messaging (a) buttons on your Acer c500
2 While holding the Calendar and Contacts buttons, using the tip of your stylus, lightly press the Reset button inside the hole (b) on the upper right-hand side of your Acer C500.

Acer C500 Hard reset Soft reset



NOTE: When you perform a hard reset, formats, preferences and other settings including date and time are restored to their factory default settings. All data, records and entries, except for those stored in ROM, will be erased.