Solved: How to hard reset Acer DX650 hard reset: Press and hold both Power key and Reset key for a while, then...

Cold boot

  • To cold boot your Pocket PC

Hold the Power key with one
hand while using stylus tip to
push in the Reset key with the
other. Simultaneously release
both the Power key and Reset

  • Only do this if you have already tried to reset using another
    method, and your Pocket PC is still not operating normally, is not
    responding or the screen is frozen.

There are two options for cold booting; please refer to the
information below, and decide which option you will try.

1. Don’t press any key after the cold boot and allow the Pocket PC
to boot to the Today screen. This is identical to the reset
described earlier.
2. If you have tried the previous methods, and they have not solved
the problem, then you may:

  1. Press and hold both Power key and Reset key for a while, then release them simultaneously.
  2. Wait for a few seconds until the screen wakes up displaying the model name, firmware version and firmware build date of your device, immediately press and hold Record key.
  3. Continue pressing Record key and release it when you see an inquiry box shown on the screen.

Erase all data and load default? Yes [press CAMERA button]

This operation will delete all the data you stored on your device
and restore it to factory default settings.

  • If you press camera button upon seeing Yes [press CAMERA button] at the bottom of screen, all the data you stored,

programs you installed and customized settings you made on
your Pocket PC will be cleared. Follow the onscreen instructions
to complete the resetting after the Pocket PC reboots.

  • If you do not press the camera button, the Pocket PC will wait a

few seconds and then cancel the procedure.


  • This will erase all your data, any programs you installed and your settings. It will load Microsoft Windows Mobile and the factory-installed programs.
  • If you want to retain your data, programs and settings you can only:

1. Perform a reset.
2. Perform a clean boot, and don’t press any key when the system inquiry screen is displayed.