Performing a hard reset
A hard reset will erase all records and entries stored in your handheld. Never perform
a hard reset unless a soft reset does not correct your problem. When you perform your
next ActiveSync operation, you can restore any data that you previously synchronised
to your computer. To perform a hard reset, do the following:

  1. Detach the battery pack from your handheld.
    Refer to "To uninstall the battery pack" on page 9 for instructions.
  2. Slide up the hard reset switch located on the right side of the battery bay (a) then slide it down again (b)
  3. After resetting your handheld, reinstall the battery pack in its bay. Refer to "To install the battery pack" on page 8 for instructions.

Acer N20w Hard reset n20w Soft reset

NOTE: When you perform a hard reset, the current date and time are retained. Formats,
preferences, and other settings are restored to their factory default settings.