Acer V200 hard reset


Solved: How to hard reset Acer V200: On the rear panel of you device, slide the battery switch down and ...

Resetting your Acer v200 Series

You may have to perform a reset if your Acer v200 Series no longer responds to the buttons on the screen.
Performing a soft reset
A soft reset allows your Acer v200 Series to get a fresh start, similar to rebooting a computer. All records and
entries are retained after a soft reset.
To perform a soft reset:
1 Make sure that your device is turn on.
2 On the rear panel of you device, use a pen or the tip of the paper clip and press on the reset button to
execute a soft reset.

Acer v200 hard reset

Performing a V200 hard reset

A hard reset will erase the time and date in your Acer v200 Series. The device will take a little longer to reboot
when you do a hard reset. The device will then sync with the GPS time after receiving the GPS signal. Never
perform a hard reset unless a soft reset does not correct your problem. To perform a hard reset follow the
instructions below:
On the rear panel of you device, slide the battery switch down and up again to hard reset your device. See
illustration below.

Acer v200 hard reset


How do I restore the system back to its default factory settings?
Performing a restore to factory default settings requires you to access the Navigation software settings.

Does performing a factory reset means a GPS reset as well?
Yes, it will reset the GPS settings.