ASUS P505 Hard reset Soft reset


Software reset switch - allows you to soft or hard reset the ASUS P505 

 Resetting the ASUS P505

 CAUTION! You lose all unsaved data when you soft reset the device.
Similarly, you lose all personal information management (PIM)
data (contacts, tasks, etc.) and added applications when you
hard reset the device.


You can reset the device in case it malfunctions, or when an
application hangs. You can either perform a soft or hard reset.
To soft reset the ASUS P505, use the tip of the stylus to press the
software reset switch on the left side of the device.
To hard reset ASUS P505, press the power button and the software
reset switch simultaneously. A hard reset restores the original
configuration of your device and erases all data.

ASUS P505 Hard reset Soft reset


NOTE * The Flash Disk is the 64 MB Read-Only Memory (ROM)
chip that stores the operating system. The flash disk has
more or less 10 MB of free space that you can use to save or
back up data from your device. Data saved on the flash disk
are permanently stored even after you hard reset the device.