Resetting the Pocket PC Phone and Clearing Memory

You can perform a soft reset or a hard reset – a soft reset restarts your device and a hard reset switches the battery off. With a soft reset, some data may be lost in the programs that were open when the reset was performed. However, by performing a hard reset, all the data and new programs that you have added will be erased and the device will be restored to its factory setting – i.e. only programs installed at the factory will remain. With this in mind, it is important not to think about a hard reset as you would restarting, shutting down or even improperly switching off your desktop, but rather like a complete crash that requires you to erase your OS. Therefore, it is extremely important that you regularly back up data on your device to a SD card in the event you have to perform a hard reset.

Performing a soft reset:

If your Pocket PC Phone responds slowly, stops responding or freezes, try performing a soft reset. A soft reset causes the Pocket PC Phone to restart and re-adjust memory allocation. Unsaved data in open windows may be lost.
• Use the stylus to press and hold the Reset button.

Audiovox PPC-5050 Hard reset Soft reset

1. Soft Reset. To reset the device, press the end of your stylus into the hole

4. Battery On/ Off Switch. To return the device to its original factory settings, simultaneously press here with the end of the top-half of your stylus and hold down the power button.
Battery Off will wipe all the data from your device

Performing a hard reset:

A hard device reset clears memory, deletes all data and restores the Pocket PC Phone to its default settings. Programs installed at the factory remain, while data you have created and programs you have installed are erased.

Audiovox PPC-5050 Hard reset Soft reset
Unscrew the stylus and use the smaller point of the top-half.

Audiovox PPC-5050 Hard reset Soft reset

Simultaneously press the battery switch and hold down the power switch to turn it off. Repeat to turn it back on.