Soft reset

Resetting Your Aero 8000

During a severe system lockup or when a malfunction cannot be corrected any other way,
you may need to completely reset and restart your device. Your Aero 8000 can be reset two different ways, depending upon your situation and the action that is called for: normal reset, which does not affect data that has been saved in memory, and full reset, which erases memory contents and settings.

Performing a Normal Reset

A normal reset restarts your Aero 8000 much like pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del restarts a computer. To perform a normal reset, follow these steps:
WARNING: All unsaved work will be lost.

1. Save all work (if possible).

IMPORTANT: Do not press the power button to turn off the device.
2. Close the lid and turn over the device.
3. Using a paper clip tip, press the reset button.

Compaq Aero 8000 Hard reset Soft reset

The device automatically restarts.

Performing a Full Reset - Hard reset

A full reset restarts your device and removes all information that was stored in memory, such as your data files and your system settings.

NOTE: If you saved your data using one of the backup and restore utilities provided with your  Aero 8000, it is possible to restore your saved data after performing a full reset. For more on using
the backup and restore utilities, see "Using Compaq Software".

To perform a full reset, follow these steps:

1. If using external power, disconnect the device from the AC adapter.
2. Close the lid and turn over the device.
3. Remove the main and backup batteries.
4. Wait at least 5 minutes, then replace the batteries.
5. Turn over the device, open it, and press the power button to restart the Aero 8000.
6. Run through the Welcome Tour again to reestablish your system settings.

NOTE: If you previously saved data using the backup utility, you will be prompted to restore your saved data. Select Yes if you wish to do so.