Restore to default settings (Hard Reset)

Restore to default settings will remove all settings such as contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, additionally installed programs, and setup values in the memory. The phone will be reset to factory default settings and then restarted. You can sync the data to your computer prior to restoring the default settings to avoid the loss of data. This will avoid loss of data. When your phone is not functioning properly due to improper operation, you can try to restore to factory default settings.
Restore to default will not erase the data in the memory card.

When the system is unable to startup, you can try to use hard reset to restore to default settings. We recommend that you contact our customer service representatives before using this function in order to avoid damage to your phone and data.
If you need to Hard Reset your phone, please register as a member at the Dopod website and download the C500 2577 software installation files to reinstall the following software:

  • Voice Commander
  • Cyberon Talking Dictionary
  • 3D menu (Availability varies by countries) and Dopod themes
  • RSS of Dopod International Corp.
Action: Using Restore to Default

1. Select   Start

Dopod C500 Hard reset Soft reset

2. Select Accessories, then press  OK

Dopod C500 Hard reset Soft reset

3. Select Restore to Default. Then press  OK.

Dopod C500 Hard reset Soft reset

4. Enter 1234 Then select Yes

Dopod C500 Hard reset Soft reset

After confirmation, enter 1234 and select 1234 Yes.
The phone will restart after resetting.

Please deactivate Encrypt files placed on storage
cards before the Hard Reset, otherwise you will
not able to access the data stored in the Storage

Action: Encrypt the contents in the memory card

Select Encrypt files placed on storage cards.
Press Unlock

Dopod C500 Hard reset Soft reset