Resetting the Pocket-PC

Soft reset (warm start)

After certain applications or the installation of new programs, it may be necessary
to restart the Pocket PC with a soft reset.
Unsaved data will be lost. Shut down all programs before you restart the Pocket-PC.

Hard reset Soft reset

  1. Slide off the battery cover from the Pocket PC. 
  2. Press the stylus tip once into the soft reset opening (1). 
  3. The warm boot is carried out.


Cold starting and restoring factory default settings

Hard reset

If your Pocket PC stops working and switching off and on with the End button and the soft reset is
unsuccessful, you can perform a cold start with your Pocket PC or restore the factory default settings.
Unsaved data will be lost. Only carry out a cold start and reset
when the battery is fully charged.

Hard reset Soft reset

  1. Slide the battery cover from the Pocket PC.
  2. At the same time press and hold the End button (1) and press the tip of the stylus pen into the soft reset opening (2).
  3. Release the End button as soon as a list of possible options is displayed on the screen.
  4. Select Skip if you would like to perform a normal cold start.
  5. To restore the Pocket PC to the factory defaults select Factory Defaults.

The selected option is performed.
It may take a few minutes for the factory defaults to be restored. At the end an acoustic signal sounds. Please follow the further instructions on the display.
The data memory is deleted when the Pocket PC is restored to its factory
defaults. This means: you will lose all data (documents, additionally installed programs, personal settings) that you haven’t saved elsewhere. Always back up your data on a regular basis (memory card, FSC Backup).
If you have set a password using FSC SecureLock then this password will be retained.