Solved: How to hard reset Gigabyte g-Smart i

Reboot System: (Soft reset)
When you reboot the device, all running programs will stop and you will lose all unsaved information. Please make sure that all information has been saved before performing system reboot.

Gigabyte g-smart i Hard reset Soft reset

  • 16 Reboot Button 
  1. Reboot button is located on the bottom right side of your device.
  2. Use the stylus to softly poke the reboot button on the lower right side of the device to reboot your system.

System Reset: (Hard reset)
When executing system reset, you are performing a clean boot on the device. It will remove the programs you have installed on this device, and reset all settings and information back to factory defaults.

Gigabyte g-smart i Hard reset Soft reset

1.Turn off the device.
2.Press the Call key and End key at the same time, and press power key while still holding Call key and End key.
3.This device will restore to system defaults and reboot.