Solved: Gigabyte GSmart MW702 hard reset: Power off Gigabyte gSmart MW702. Press and hold Camera key + ...

Gigabyte GSmart  MW702 hard reset

Gigabyte GSmart MW702 ROM upgrade

Copy downloaded (from gigabyte website) Image files, unzip it to memory card.

Please make sure the battery is over 60% full before upgrading. Place the Mini/Micro SD card into the phone and turn off the phone.

Then press and hold the down Volume Key and press the Power Button at the same time, until the “IMAGE UTILITY” show up,

release all buttons and it will start installing.

(1) Blue Light: Reading, from Mini/Micro SD card to SDRAM.

(2) Orange Light: Writing, from SDRAM to Flash.

Gigabyte gSmart MS820

After entering Download mode, plug in the charger NOW to ensure upgrade stability

The upgrade takes about 20 minutes. Upon completion, please follow the instruction –

“Please Remove Battery” to remove the battery for 1~2 seconds, then put the battery back and reboot the phone

Gigabyte gSmart MS820

Gigabyte gSmart  MW702 soft reset


Reset hole

Gigabyte gSmart MS820

Use something shaped like a needle or paper clip to insert it to reset your phone.

Gigabyte gSmart  MW702 hard reset with key combo

  1. Power off Gigabyte gSmart  MW702.
  2. Press and hold Camera key + Power ON key for about 3 sec.
  3. Charge your MW702, plug in your charger and take out battery then reinsert it.
  4. Power ON your device and you can calibrate your screen etc.