Resetting Soft reset
Resetting is equivalent to restarting a PC. Reset Holux GPSmile 60 when a button or tapping the screen does not respond. When Holux GPSmile 60 is reset, all data that was not stored during operation is deleted.
If the functionality cannot be restored even if the reset
switch is pressed, initialize Holux GPSmile 60. See
“Clearing Memory” .

When the power is on, use the stylus to press and hold the reset switch, and then release it.

Hard reset Soft reset

Clearing Memory Hard reset 

When you initialize Holux GPSmile 60, it returns to the status when it was
When you initialize Holux GPSmile 60, all data stored in the
memory is deleted. Holux GPSmile 60’s initially installed
programs are not deleted.
Before the initialization, remove the SD card.
1. Turn off Holux GPSmile 60.
2. Press and hold the power buttons, Program button 3  and Program button 4, meanwhile, use the stylus to press the reset switch on the back side of Holux GPSmile 60.
3. Release the Power buttons.
4. When a screen appears, release the reset switch. When the initialization is complete, the Welcome screen appears.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the device.

Hard reset Soft reset

Initial Settings of the Program Buttons
• Program button 1 = ezGO(Quick menu)
• Program button 2 = Navigator application launch buttons
• Program button 3 = Calendar / (Zoom in/ Optional)
• Program button 4 = Contacts / (Zoom out / Optional)