Perform a Normal Reset - Soft reset

A normal reset is sometimes referred to as a “soft reset.” You
perform a normal reset when you want to stop all running
programs. A normal reset will not erase any programs or data
stored in RAM or ROM.

CAUTION: A normal reset will erase all unsaved data.

3. Reset Button: Reset your iPAQ Pocket PC

HP iPAQ h5450 Hard reset Soft reset

To perform a normal reset:
1. Locate the Reset button on the bottom of the iPAQ Pocket
2. Lightly press the normal Reset button for two seconds.

The iPAQ Pocket PC will restart in approximately five seconds
and display the Today screen.

Perform a Full Reset
A full reset is sometimes referred to as a “hard reset.” Perform a
full reset when you want to clear all settings, programs, and data
from RAM.
A full reset will de-activate the battery. The power button will not
function until the battery is reactivated.

Programs and data stored in iPAQ File Store are not
automatically deleted. You must manually delete the files.

To perform a full reset:

If you perform a full reset, you will return to your default
settings and lose all information not in ROM.

1. Press and hold the lower left and lower right buttons.

HP iPAQ 5450 Hard reset Soft reset

2. Press the Reset button on the bottom of the iPAQ Pocket PC
with the stylus.
3. Hold all buttons until the displayed image begins to fade
(approximately four seconds).
4. Release the program buttons and stylus.

You can verify a full reset by pressing the power button. If the
iPAQ Pocket PC has been fully reset, it will not turn on.

5. Reactivate the battery by:
    Removing and reinstalling the battery
    Connecting the iPAQ Pocket PC to AC power
    Pressing the Reset button with the stylus
6. Set up your iPAQ Pocket PC.