HP iPAQ rz1717 soft reset

Resetting the HP iPAQ

Performing a Soft (“Normal”) Reset

A soft reset does not erase any applications or saved data, but be
sure to save any unsaved data before performing a soft reset since
any unsaved data will be lost.

Perform a soft reset when:

â–  You want to stop all running applications.
â–  After installing a new application.
â–  If your HP iPAQ stops responding.

To perform a soft reset:

1. Locate the Reset button.
2. Use the stylus to briefly press the Reset button. The HP iPAQ
restarts and displays the Today screen.

HP iPAQ rz1717 hard reset soft reset

HP iPAQ rz1717 hard reset

Performing a Hard (“Full”) Reset

Perform a hard reset when you want to clear all settings,
applications, and data from RAM (Random Access Memory,
where data and applications you have loaded are stored).
If the battery installed in your HP iPAQ discharges completely,
your HP iPAQ will operate as if a hard reset had been performed
once the battery has been recharged.

Ă„CAUTION: If you perform a hard reset, your HP iPAQ returns to its
default settings and loses all information (files, settings, etc.) that is not
recorded in ROM.

To perform a hard reset:

1. Press and hold buttons 1 and 4 on the front of the device 1
and, at the same time, with the stylus, briefly press the Reset
button 2 on the bottom of your HP iPAQ.

HP iPAQ rz1717 hard reset soft reset

Note: Verify the full reset by pressing the Power button. When
the HP iPAQ has been fully reset, it does not power on until the
battery is reactivated.

2. A hard reset deactivates the battery. The Power button does
not function until the battery is reactivated. To reactivate the
  • Connect the AC Adapter to the HP iPAQ to charge the device.
  • Briefly press the Reset button with the stylus