Solved: How to hard reset Hewlett-Packard Jornada 720

Occasionally, you will need to reset your HP Jornada 720 Handheld PC. For example, you may need to reset your HP Jornada after you restore data from your desktop PC or when the operating system stops responding. There are two methods of resetting:

  • Soft reset : A soft reset (also called warm boot) is similar to restarting your desktop PC. It restarts the operating system and preserves any saved data.
  • Factory default reset : A factory default reset (also called hard reset) restores your HP Jornada to its original state, erasing all information you have entered. To ensure the safety of your information in case a factory default reset is necessary, you should regularly back up your data to your desktop PC + ActiveSync or to a CompactFlash or PC Card (using the HP Jornada backup application).

HP Jornada 720 hard reset

Performing a soft reset

Perform a soft reset after restoring data from a backup file or when your HP Jornada appears to be frozen or locked up.
To perform a soft reset

1. Disconnect the sync cable and/or the telephone line from your HP Jornada, or remove it from the docking cradle.
2. Use the stylus to press the Reset button. When you perform a soft reset you will lose unsaved data in all open documents or programs.


Performing a factory default reset

Perform a factory default reset only when your HP Jornada does not respond to a soft reset. A factory default reset will erase all data you have entered, including all files, system settings, and programs you have installed. If you have forgotten your primary and reminder passwords, you will also need to perform a factory default reset. Performing a factory default reset erases all files, programs, and appointments you have entered. You can restore only data that has been backed up to your desktop PC or to a PC Card or CompactFlash Card.


HP Jornada 720 hard reset

To perform a Jornada 720 factory default reset

1. Disconnect all cables, including the AC adapter from your HP Jornada.
2. Remove the backup battery. (For more information, see the Replacing the backup battery section in your User's Guide.)
3. Remove the main battery.
4. Wait at least five minutes, then reconnect the AC adapter, reinstall the main battery, and then reinstall the backup battery. (For more information, see the Setting up your HP Jornada section in your User's Guide.) Your HP Jornada should turn on automatically and display the MS Windows for H/PC 2000 Welcome Wizard. (For more information about this wizard, see the Completing the Welcome Wizard section in your User's Guide.)
5. Restore data to your HP Jornada from your most recent backup file.