Find out how to hard reset i-Mate PDA2: Press and hold the power button, and then use stylus...

Reset the PDA2 Pocket PC Phone and

Clear Memory
You can perform a soft reset or a full reset. During a soft
reset, the device is restarted and only some data in open
programs may be lost. However, a full reset turns the battery
off and returns the device to its original factory settings and
deletes all programs, files, contacts and other information you
have saved to the device. Therefore it is extremely important
to backup data to a storage card or your computer on a regular
basis in the event that a full reset has to be performed.

To perform a soft reset :

If your Pocket PC Phone responds slowly stops responding or
freezes, try a soft reset. A soft reset causes the Pocket PC
Phone to restart and re-adjust memory allocation. Un saved
data in open windows may be lost.
Use the stylus to press and hold the Reset button.

i-Mate PDA2 hard reset

To perform a i-Mate PDA2 full reset :

A full device reset clears memory, deletes all data and re stores
the Pocket PC Phone to its default settings. Programs installed
at the factory remain, while data you have created and programs
you have installed are all erased.

Press and hold the power button, and then use stylus
to press the soft reset button at he same time.
Be sure you have backup all your data in a SD card
or in your PC before performing a full reset.

i-Mate PDA2 hard reset