Resetting LG Invision CB630

To Perform LG Invision Master Reset

Reset Settings Menu 9.#
This function allows you to restore factory
settings. To do this, you need the security
Master Reset (Menu 9.#.1)
Restores the settings (e.g.: Audio, Display,
Language, Date & Time, Bluetooth
Settings) stored in the handset memory to
default values.

Master Clear (Menu 9.#.2)
Deletes downloaded/user created
contents (e.g.: images, videos) from
Handset content and the External
Memory card.
] Handset
- Deletes all downloaded/user created
Images, Videos & Sounds from the
Handset Memory.
- Restores Personal Information stored
in the handset memory (e.g.: address
book, messages, tasks, alarm,
Calendar schedules) to default values.
- Resetores the settings stored in the
handset memory to default values.
] Memory Card: Deletes all contents from
the External Memory Card.