Solved: How to hard reset Motorola Backflip: Power off the phone, press and hold camera button...

To perform a Factory Data Reset

1. Open the Applications Tray 
2. Touch Settings
3. Scroll down and touch SD and Card Storage
4. Scroll down and touch Factory Data Reset 
5. Touch Reset Phone

Motorola Backflip hard reset with keys

1. Power off the phone, press and hold camera button ( do not release), press power  button until phone turns on.  Release power button while holding camera button down.
2. Release the camera button when prompted (following the  Batwings boot  screen).
3. Press the volume down button and wait for 15 seconds for a  "triangle !" to appear on the screen. ( message “volume up key pressed “ will appear )
4. With flip closed, tap bottom right corner of darkened display (just above back button).
5. Select "wipe data / factory reset" on screen
6. Press "Ok".  Wait for “data wipe complete” message to  appear
7. Press "reboot system now"
8. Press "Ok" .  Phone will reboot and complete master reset function