Motorola Droid Soft reset


Crash recovery - Restarting Motorola Droid

If your phone stops responding
to touches and key presses, try a quick reset. Remove
the back cover and battery, then replace and switch your phone on


left Shift+right Alt+Delete = restart Motorola Droid

 Motorola Droid Hard reset +  Motorola Droid Hard reset  +  Motorola Droid Hard reset

Motorola Droid Hard reset

To reset your phone to factory settings and erase all
the data on your phone, touch Motorola Droid Hard reset Menu > Settings
> Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone.
Warning: All data on your phone will be deleted.

Motorola Droid Hard reset with keys

Power off device.
Press X key on hard keyboard  +  power button, then release both buttons.

(If this is not working press camera + power key first for 10-12 sec. or see detailed Motorola Milestone hard reset with more images)

Motorola Droid Hard reset

When you see exclamation point press and hold VOLUME UP +  CAMERA KEY. You will see Android system recovery menu.
With D pad go to  data / factory reset, then press CENTER D Pad, then choose Yes.

Motorola Droid Hard reset