Motorola Q9h hard reset

To perform a hard reset,To perform a hard reset

Method 1

1. Turn the device off.
2. Press and hold the "E" and "Z" keys.
3. Press the Power button once.
4. When screen comes on, let go of "E" and "Z"
5. Press Power button once again.
6. Message that the phone has been reset.
7. Takes a few mins to reset.

Method 2

To perform a hard reset, hold down the center / Navigation keys for 5 seconds while turning the device on.

Motorola Q9h hard reset


master reset Motorola Q9h

To return your device to original settings: Press Start
> System Tools > Master Reset
The default master reset code is 000000 (6 zeroes).
Master reset does not reset the unlock code,
security code, and lifetime timer.

master clear
Caution: Master clear erases all information you
have entered (including contacts and calendar
events) and content you have downloaded
(including photos and sounds) stored in your
device’s memory. After you erase the information,
you can’t recover it.
Press Start > System Tools > Master Clear
The default master reset code is 000000 (6 zeroes)