Solved: How to hard reset  NEC MobilePro 900: Locate the reset button on the bottom of the MobilePro, then...

Resetting the NEC MobilePro 900

Occasionally you may need to reset your MobilePro. For instance, you
may need to reset after restoring data from your host PC, after
modifying the MobilePro’s configuration, when you are unable to
power on using the Power button, or when the operating system stops
The MobilePro is equipped with a reset button that allows you to
restart the MobilePro operating system while preserving any saved
data. This method is similar to a “warm boot” on your host PC.
Note To ensure the safety of your information at all times, you
should perform regular backups of your MobilePro information to your
host PC.
Before using the reset button to reset the MobilePro, close any open
files or applications, if possible. When you reset the MobilePro, you
may lose open/unsaved files.
Follow these steps to use the reset button to reset the MobilePro.

1. Open the display panel and remove the stylus from its holder.
2. Power on the MobilePro.
3. Turn over the MobilePro.
4. Locate the reset button on the bottom of the MobilePro (see the
following figure).
5. Using the stylus, press the reset button. (You may need to press
the button more than once.) This resets the unit.

NEC MobilePro 900 hard reset

The reset button design requires the use of
the stylus. Only use the MobilePro 900 stylus to reset the system. Use
of another tool can damage the MobilePro.