Nokia N900 soft reset

Nokia N900 reset

To reset the device from time to time for optimum performance, power off the device and remove the battery.

Nokia N900 restore

Restore a backup
1 Select > More... > Backup.
2 Select the desired backup and Restore.
3 Select the data types to restore.
4 Confirm that you want to restore the data.
If the backup is password-protected, enter the password,
and select OK.
5 If your device contains a newer version of the files than
the backup you are restoring, the device asks you to
confirm if you want to save the backed up version, or
cancel data restore. Select from the following:
Yes — The device overwrites the current version with
the backed up file.
Yes to all — The device overwrites all conflicting files
without further confirmation.
No — The version on the device is not replaced.