Soft reset

Instructions for the Treo 750:

  1. If charging, disconnect your smartphone from its charger.
  2. Turn off wireless mode by pressing and holding the red Power/End key Palm Treo 750 Hard reset Soft reset.
  3. Turn off the screen of your smartphone and wait a few seconds┬╣.
  4. Open the Mini SD card slot cover (located on the side of the Treo 750) and locate the Reset button.
  5. Using the stylus (located on the top right of the Treo 750) briefly press the tip of the stylus into the locating hole for the Reset button. 
Palm Treo 750 Hard reset Soft reset

Hard reset

If a soft reset doesn't solve your problem, you may need to perform a hard reset, which deletes all data on your device, including Outlook information and add-on applications.

Before performing a hard reset, please read the section below regarding what data is backed up during an ActiveSync synchronization and how to restore your data.
  1. A hard reset deletes all information and third-party software on your smartphone.
  2. Never perform a hard reset without first trying a soft reset.
  3. You can restore previously synchronized information the next time you sync.
  4. Some third-party applications do not create a backup on your computer when you synchronize. If you perform a hard reset, you may lose data in these applications and you will need to reinstall the application after the hard reset. Please contact the developer to find out which data is backed up during synchronization.

Why perform a hard reset?
A hard reset can tell you whether a persistent problem stems from your smartphone or from an application installed on it. If you do not experience the problem after you perform a hard reset, the problem may be related to software you installed.

How to perform a hard reset

  1. If charging, disconnect your smartphone from its charger.
  2. Take off the battery door, but don't take out the battery yet.
  3. Press and hold Power/End Palm Treo 700w Hard reset Soft reset.
  4. While holding Power/End, remove the battery for approximately one second, then replace it while still holding Power/End.
  5. When you see "Erase all data?" you can release Power/End. Press Up to confirm the hard reset.
  6. If a language selection screen appears, pick the same language you use in your desktop software.