Find out how to hard reset Psion Series 3c: Hold down the right-hand key, and gently press a suitable object into the...

Resetting the Series 3c

You should never need to reset your Series 3c. Even if an add-on application were to
stop working, the Series 3c is designed in such a way that it could not interfere with
other applications, such as Data, Word, and so on.
Killing a running application
If you find that you cannot exit an application normally, you will need to “kill” the
application. You can kill any application (except Time).

psion resetWhen you kill an application you will lose all the unsaved information in the file
that was open. You should therefore only kill applications in an emergency.

To do so:
• Move to the System screen, move the highlight onto the application that you wish
to kill and select the ‘Kill application’ option on the ‘Apps’ menu.

• If you cannot move to the System screen, you will need to press

Psion Series 3C hard reset
to kill the application that is currently displayed on screen
(the foreground process).

Soft reset - preserving your data
If, for any reason, your Series 3c should “lock-up”, you can always perform a
“soft reset”; a soft reset should restart your Series 3c while preserving most of your
It is worth trying a soft reset if:
• the keys on your Series 3c do not appear to respond, or
• your Series 3c does appear to switch on and you are sure the batteries are good
(especially if the contrast still works but the screen is otherwise blank).
If you do need to reset:
• gently press something like an unfolded paper clip into the reset hole (above the
Psion Series 3C hard resetkey).

When you turn the Series 3c on again it will beep, show the start-up screen again, and
then the System screen. After a soft reset:
• Any changes you had made to open Sheet or Word files (or OPL programs) would
be lost.
• Your other files on the internal disk will almost always be safe.
• If you had other applications installed (other than the built-in applications), the
icons will have disappeared from the System screen. Use ‘Install’ from the ‘Apps’
menu in the System screen to re-install the application icons.
• Any additional file lists or application groups you had set up in the System screen
will be lost, and you will need to set them up again. See the ‘System screen’
chapter for more information about groups and lists.
• Any alarms that you had set in the Time application are lost.


Psion Series 3cHard reset - losing all of your data

It is possible (though unlikely) that an application failure causes the reset to lose the
information on the internal disk. It could even prevent the reset from working at all. If
this happens, you will have to perform a “hard reset”. To do this:
• Hold down the right-hand key, and gently press a suitable object into the
reset hole, as before. Press Psion Series 3C hard resetto turn on, still holding down the right
This will reset the Series 3c completely, and all information in internal memory,
including the internal disk, will be lost.

You may not need to press Psion Series 3C hard resetto switch on when resetting, as the Series 3c may
turn itself on.