There are two options for resetting the Pocket PC.
This option restarts the Pocket PC, without reinstallation being
necessary. A soft-reset is often used in order to reorganize the
memory. In doing so all programs that are running are interrupted
and the working memory is reinitialised.
Choose this option if your Pocket PC is not responding or working
Perform the soft-reset as follows:
1. If possible save the files that your Pocket PC has just been
2. Press the tip of the stylus into the soft-reset switch opening.
After a few seconds the Pocket PC displays the start screen.
Your configuration and your saved files will not be deleted.

Hard reset Soft reset

  1. Selection wheel: To select options in programs.
  2. Ext. antenna: To use ext. antenna.
  3. Reset Button: Restarts your Pocket PC. (Soft-Reset)

Warning: A hard-reset deletes all data on your Pocket PC and causes
it to return to its initial state.
It is not necessary to install the software on your synchronization
computer again, however.
Perform the hard-reset as the following:
1. If possible, back up all the files needed from your Pocket PC.
To do this use the programs bundled with the Pocket PC (see
online help or the manual on CD).
2. Hold down the On/Off switch and carry out a soft reset.