Solved: hard reset Sagem WA3050: Remove first the main battery, then the backup battery, then...

Sagem WA3050 soft reset

Resetting your device and clearing memory

If your device responds slowly, stops responding as
expected, or “freezes,” try resetting it. A reset causes the
WA 3050 to restart and re-adjust memory allocation.
Unsaved data in open windows may be lost.

To reset your device

Use the stylus to press and hold the Reset button for
about two seconds.

Sagem WA3050 hard reset
Note Do not turn off the PDA component when
resetting your device. Power must remain on in order
to reset it.

If you forget your password for accessing PDA features or
want to clear all data from the WA 3050 and return it to its
factory settings, you should clear the memory.


Caution Clearing memory deletes all data and restores
the WA 3050 to its default settings. Any data you have
created and any programs you have installed are erased.

To clear memory Sagem WA3050 Hard reset

1. Disconnect the WA 3050 from external power.
2. Turn over the device.
3. Remove first the main battery, then the backup battery.
4. Wait at least one minute, then replace both batteries.
5. Turn over your device, then press the PDA power
ON/OFF button to restart it.
6. Run through the Welcome Wizard again to reestablish
your system and calibration settings.
Note Use ActiveSync to keep a backup copy of your data
available so that if you need to clear memory, you can
restore the data.