To perform the soft reset:

Insert the stylus firmly into the reset slot, located on the right side, then quickly remove it

Samsung i350 hard reset

To perform the Samsung SPH-i350 hard reset:

  1. Push and hold the power button until the Shutdown box appears then touch OK to power down the handset
  2. Press and continue to hold the Enter/Settings key while pushing the power button to restart the handset (Do NOT let go of either key until the format screen appears)
  3. Touch the green Talk key to format the handset while deleting all data and restoring the factory default settings

To perform the Samsung SPH-i350 Clear Data reset:

1. From the Today screen, touch Start
2. Touch Settings
3. Touch Personal
4. Touch Phone
5. Touch the Security tab, located at the bottom
6. Touch Clear All Data
7. Enter the password then touch OK
8. Touch Yes to clear all data and restore the factory default settings

Samsung i350 hard reset