Rebooting your Samsung Saga i770 Phone after Lockup

The Reset button allows you to quickly turn off the phone in the event of a program
or application error. In this case your Saga™ would appear to “freeze” and become
1. Locate the Reset button positioned just below the Camera/Camcorder
key on the right side of the phone.
2. Carefully inserting a thin blunt object (such as your stylus) into this slot will
exit the current screen and cycle power to the phone.

Samsung Saga SCH-i770 hard reset

Note: This reset action retains all of your phone’s default parameters and settings. This action is similar to
that of a Reset action on your computer which only restarts the machine while maintaining all data

Resetting your Verizon i770 Samsung Saga Phone to Factory Defaults

You can reset your phone’s settings and clear all data/applications from phone’s
internal memory by using the Reset button in conjunction with the Optical Mouse.

This action resets your phone to its factory default settings, ends all
applications currently running, and wipes all data (pics/video/contacts) from your

Note: Although this action wipes all information and settings from your Saga™, you can circumvent the
deletion of important data by storing it on your removable microSD memory card.

1. Locate both the Reset button and the Optical Mouse (shown below).This
process requires the reset button and the Optical Mouse be pressed
simultaneously to initiate the reset process.

Samsung Saga SCH-i770 hard reset

2. Press and hold the Optical Mouse and Reset simultaneously (by
using a blunt object such as your stylus) for a few seconds.
3. First release Reset then the Optical Mouse . This action restarts the
phone, clears any data stored on the phone, and then cycle power to the
4. The prompt: “Are you sure you want to format?” appears, press the
SEND key to format, or END key to cancel.
5. Once the phone starts, you must tap the LCD screen using your Stylus to
begin the calibration process.

Note: You should not use your fingertips during the calibration process as this can improperly calibrate your
device. Please use the stylus for calibration of your Saga™.

6. Using your Stylus, tap within the crosshairs that appear in the align screen.
7. Follow the on screen tutorials and complete the setup process.

Clearing all Phone Data
Another method of deleting data and applications stored on the phone is to access
the Phone Settings screen and use the Clear All Data function. Unlike resetting
your phone back to its factory default (which wipes out both data and phone
preferences), this feature only clears the data and applications stored within the
phone’s internal memory while retaining all previous phone settings and

Important!: To be certain that your important data (Contacts, videos, pics) and applications are protected
from such a deletion process, it is recommended you utilize a removable microSD card as the
preferred storage medium.

1. From the Today screen, tap Start located in the upper left corner of
the screen.
2. Tap Settings. By default, the Personal tab is highlighted.
3. Tap Phone.
4. Tap the Security tab.
5. Tap the Clear All Data button.
6. If you previously created a password, tap the Password field and enter your
Lock Code into the Password field.
7. Tap the OK button to initiate the process.
8. Tap Yes to confirm