Total Reset
There is a function which allows you to reset your
phone; that is, restore all the settings and defaults
that were in place when you purchased it.

Warning: This function removes all applications
and data from the internal phone memory that
you may have added. Any applications or data
on a memory card will NOT be lost.
You should only use this function if you have no
other alternative. For example, if you have forgotten
or lost the passwords to unlock your phone or you
have installed an application which has damaged or
corrupted the phone.

Tip: If you synchronise with your PC regularly,
you should be able to retrieve your Outlook
data, for example Contacts, Calendar and so
on, when you synchronise with your PC again.

 Tip: Use the Backup feature in the Sendo PC
Connect software when you add any new
applications, or after changing a lot of data.
You could then use the Restore feature, also in
the Sendo PC Connect software, to minimise
data loss.

Reset your phone Hard reset

  1. Turn the phone off. If you can’t turn your phone off in the normal way, you must remove the battery for several minutes and then reinsert it.
  2. Plug in the charger. The phone will begin to charge in off mode.
  3. Press and hold the 5 key.
  4. Whilst still holding the 5 key, press p.
  5. A screen is displayed while the phone switches on - but keep holding number 5 until a green tick appears above the right soft key to confirm reset.
  6. Press the green tick soft key d to confirm the reset. 
  7. The phone will now start up as normal. It may take several minutes for the Now! screen to be displayed. During this time, the display will not change - do not remove the charger or switch
    the phone off.