Solved How to hard reset Sharp Mobilon HC-4100

RESET button
Press to reset and initialize the unit

Resetting the unit
If the unit stops responding while you are using it, you can reset the unit. Make
sure the unit is turned on, and then press the RESET button with the stylus.
The reset function will not work if the unit is turned off when you press the RESET


If the problem still persists after you have reset the unit, try the following (full reset)
The following procedure will cause all data on the unit to be lost and you must
restore data from your previous backup. However, any data added or modified
after your last backup will be lost permanently.
1. Turn off the unit
2. Remove the backup battery.
3. Remove the main batteries.
4. Wait for 30 seconds, then reinstall the main batteries and the backup battery.
5. Turn on and re-setup the unit using the H/PC Setup Wizard.
6. Restore your data from a backup.
If you forget your password, you must set up your unit again, using the above

Q: How do I backup my information?
A: It is important to always have a back-up of your electronic information.
Here are some suggestions:
· You can connect the unit to your desktop PC and backup your data to the
PC using the Windows CE Services.
· You can copy your files to a PCMCIA SRAM Memory Card or a PCMCIA
Flash Memory Card. Flash Memory Cards (space permitting) require no
battery backup system.
Q: The unit does not seem to work. I changed the batteries
but still nothing happens. What should I do?
A: Check that the battery replacement switch on the back of the unit is in the
NORMAL OPERATION position, otherwise the unit will not turn on. Make
sure the batteries are fresh (HC-4000/4100) or the installed battery pack is
fully charged (HC-4500).
Also, try to reset the unit by pressing the RESET button with the stylus. As
a last resort, remove the backup battery and main batteries for 30 seconds.
Then put the main batteries and backup battery back in.
This procedure will cause the loss of all data in the unit! If the problem still
persists, contact your local dealer for servicing.