Toshiba Portégé G710 soft reset

Restarting your Toshiba phone

If you have any problems, such as the phone
freezing, restart the phone.
To restart the phone:
1. Press and hold the Power key to switch off
the phone.
2. Wait a few seconds, then switch on the

IMPORTANT: If you restart your Toshiba
phone, data that you have not saved will be

there is still a problem:
1. Remove the battery.

2. Re-insert the battery, then switch on the
phone on.

Toshiba Portégé G710 hard reset

Remove SIM card.

With G710 turned off press and hold left soft key + END key + POWER on the Toshiba G710 phone

Toshiba Portege G710 hard reset key combo

Resetting your Toshiba G710 phone

For details of resetting your Toshiba phone, refer
to Master Clear in Settings.
We recommend that you back up all of your data
before resetting your Toshiba phone.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you
frequently back up the data on your
Toshiba phone.