Toshiba Portégé G900 soft reset

Restarting your Toshiba phone

If you have any problems, such as the phone
freezing, press and hold the Power key.

Resetting your Toshiba phone

If, after you have restarted your Toshiba phone,
there is still a problem, or if you are having difficulty
restarting the phone, press the Reset button.

If the problem still remains:

1. Remove the battery .
2. Re-insert the battery and turn your Toshiba
phone on.

IMPORTANT: If you restart your Toshiba
phone while a program is running, data that
you have not saved will be lost.

IMPORTANT: If you reset your Toshiba
phone, there is a possibility that saved and
unsaved data will be lost.

Toshiba Portégé G900 hard reset soft reset

Toshiba Portégé G900 hard reset

Master Clear

To reinitialise your Toshiba phone:

1. From the Today screen, tap Start > Settings.
2. Tap the System tab.
3. Tap Master Clear.
4. Enter the confirmation code in the Code: field.
5. Tap the Reset button to reinitialise your phone.
6. Your phone will restart after it has been reset.

WARNING: After resetting, your Toshiba
phone will be restored to its default factory
settings. All the user data and programs on
your Toshiba phone will be formatted.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you
frequently back up all of your data on your
Toshiba phone.

Key combo

Power off G900

Open the slider, press and hold the green function key (bottom left), press and hold the BS/Del key (top right), now press the power key till the led comes on, then let go of all the keys.