Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar: Sold Out Continues, Cryptosoft Expands

In the last 24 hours Bitcoin has dropped again by more than ten percent. The situation is similar in the Altcoin market: Ripple, Ethereum and Stellar also continue to bleed. At the same time there is a change of position for place 5: Bitcoin SV beats Bitcoin Cash (for the moment).

Bitcoin and Cryptosoft stop falling

No matter how much stock exchanges and capital collectors can prepare for institutional cryptosoft investors – bears will not let go of the encryption market for the time being. Only in the last 24 hours, the price of Bitcoin shares has once again lost almost eleven percent of its strength. The cryptosoft currency is currently quoted at $3,431.

So the crypto winter is coming back, while the market prepares the Christmas sale: Discount on all crypto currencies!

Many Ripple fans might think: Oh trouble, I still have the XRP! Even the central bank’s currency, which is relatively provocative in the bear market, wears far less feathers on its dress than it did 24 hours ago. As a result, it is currently over ten percent that „exits the market“. The price of the ripple (XRP) is therefore 0.30 USD.

Ethereum has also seen better days. With an ethereal rate (etereum) currently of 87 U.S. dollars, the previous historical high of over 1,000 U.S. dollars is far away. Vitalik Buterin can wear so many medical hats: he probably wouldn’t have expected less than 15% in the 24 hours. As it came to that is written here.

Stellar is still in fourth place among the cryptographic currencies with the highest market capitalization. The lumen rate is the victim of the blows of the current bear like almost all crypto currencies. With just under 0.115 US dollars, the Stellar Lumens exchange rate has lost more than 16% in the last 24 hours.

A look at the Top 3 charts

How to interpret the price trend of Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum from a technical point of view? Thomas Hartmann of Tradingschule Kryptologen, who we know from the weekly analysis of the Top 3, has made an analysis of the latest price developments. To put it positively: Interesting short circuit possibilities are offered…..

Bitcoin Satoshi’s viewing reviewed BCH
In places 5 and 6 there has been a change of seat. As a result, Bitcoin SV ranked fifth and was one of the few encrypted currencies to make a profit of more than 18%. So the „new old“ currency is currently equal to 107 US dollars. The „Vision Satoshi“ after Craig Wright did almost as much as the original Bitcoin Cash version had to bleed. At the BCH rate, it is over 15 percent that brought the rate down to its current level of 106 U.S. dollars.

Other coins also bleed
So far, bloody well. But things are also less good for the other Altcoins at this time: In the last 24 hours EOS has lost 20%, Litecoin 13%, TRON 7%, Cardano 15%, Monero 13% and IOTA 14%. Binance Coin, NEM, Dash, NEO, NEO, Ethereum Classic and ZCash also recorded double-digit growth.

So much so: „Winner“ in these cold days is Dogecoin with only 3.4% loss in the last 24 hours.