The importance of Bitcoin formula

To transfer Apple’s success to the blockchain and provide a cleaner, more customized UX, you need to start with the product or application interface (UI).

The user interface is the doormat, the receptionist, the salesperson and support staff, among many others. While many services are handled behind the scenes by databases and servers, the user interface ultimately says what the product feels like to the customer.

We have seen in efforts an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a beta version in the blockchain area that the design was often not considered important. This may be true for some products, but no one really wants to go to market with a command line system. Furthermore, the measurement rate is set even higher, especially with blockchain, because speed is often seen as a reference value.

Suppose you are running a Bitcoin formula transfer system

The duration of a payment should not exceed the duration of the Bitcoin formula transaction. From our point of view, however, it is suboptimal to create a charming UX if the back-end is already in place. In short, you need a lot of work to make something simple and handy. So at an early stage, companies need to be aware of what their UX ideas for the Bitcoin formula product should look like and what that means for the technology stack up to the development phase.

Where to go from here

Companies in the blockchain sector need to perform UX development with appropriate resources. This includes market research for specific user preferences and a detailed understanding of how customers want to use the application. It is also important to know what users enjoyed about the product and what they were less interested in.

It is also important for blockchain companies to understand that they have a broad user base that spans different levels of technical understanding and expertise.

Once a company has achieved this essential knowledge, it can start with the right design process, including sketching, prototyping and testing. This ensures that you can meet the needs of your customers.

Keep it simple
In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that blockchain adoption goes hand in hand with presentation in an intuitive format.

While it can sometimes feel like the blockchain sector is in an all-out race to the global market, the design process must not be forgotten. Often it is not the best product that wins, or the one with the best technology, but the one that is easiest and easiest to use.

This is the big opportunity for the blockchain industry in 2017.